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~~Boyne Citizen
~~Book I (1888 to 1911)
~~150 pgs. 300 obits

Death Records

~~Charlevoix County Records
~~~~1912-1929 A-F only
City and Township Records
~~Boyne City
~~~~1905 to 1911
~~~~1912 to 1929
~~~~1930 to1944
~~~~1944 to1966
~~Boyne Valley Twp.
~~~~1897 to 1906
~~~~1914 to 1929
~~~~1930 to 1944
~~~~1945 to 1951
~~Eveline Township
~~~~1940 to 1944
~~~~1945 to 1951
~~Wilson Township
~~~~1968 to 1911
~~~~1912 to 1929
~~~~1930 to 1944
~~~~1945 to 1951

~~Boyne Valley Cemetery
(635 headstones)
~~St. Augustine (Boyne Falls)
(314 headstones)
~~Evangeline Twp.
(253 headstones)
~~Eveline Twp (Advance)
(67 headstones)
~~Old Boyne City
(67 headstones)
~~Bay Twp. (3 Cemeteries)

(180 headstones)

Charlevoix County, Michigan Genealogy and Reference
Charlevoix County Death Records on File
$4.00 per Record
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Surnames that start with Cr to Cu
Crakes, Theadore W. Crawford, Norma Crothers, Martha Cunningham
Cram, Leroy M. Crawford, Ralph Crouter, Effie Cunningham, Alexander
Cramer, Doris Elsie Cray Crouter, Mary A Cunningham, George
Cramer, Minnie Crick, R. A. Crowe, Marie E. Cunningham, Hannah
Cramer, Sarah Crigier, Frank J. Crowel, Claude Cunningham, Henry
Crandall Crocher Crowell Cunningham, Loren R.
Crane, Elanah L. Cropsey, Norman Crowell, Esther M. Cunningham, Sarah
Crane, May Belle Crosett, Otis A. Crowell, Jackson M. Cunningham, Thomas
Crannin, Lillian Cross, Albertine Crowell, Julia R. Cunningham, William
Crawford, Catherine V Cross, Helen Louise
Crowell, Minnie Curkendall, Ella E.
Crawford, Dorsey Cross, Laura E. Crozier Curperdall, Mary Ann
Crawford, Edith Cross, Roy Crozier, Emily Louisa Currier, Catherine E.
Crawford, Ellen Cross, Viola Crozier, Mary Jane Currier, George F.
Crawford, Harvey Harry Cross, Wesley Cumings, George Curry, Caroline Freeman
Crawford, John L. Croterfield, Sophia Cummings, Georgia Cusneick, Katie
Crawford, Johnston Crothers, Ida Cummings, Hugh Foster Cutler, Marvel
Crawford, Mary
Crothers, John
Cummings, Louisa
Cutten, Sarah L.
Cutter, Linnie May


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